Education is a journey and we at GOTT Development bring to you a link to get to know a new culture. We offer the service in cultural exchanges with quality and comfort.
With us you will develop a new language, taking with cultural baggage, soaking friends and network to everyone.

WHO? People over 17, children accompanied parents.

AT WHERE? Toronto, Canada.
Canada is one of the most peaceful report, insurance and hum of the highest standards of living world. Also it has excelled with one of the top 10 report to live. Toronto is a city of high-grade development. There are a variety of different defined each other that together can transform your life. It possesses an integration of cultures awarded and conscious urban planning. Furthermore, the nature is present in every part of the city with large parks, islands, bike paths and beaches. Moreover, not winter skiing’s main sport the, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Throughout the year, we have events, food festivals, cinema, theater and more.

SCHOOL: Hansa Language Centre

HOW MUCH? A course of 4 weeks – 1 month, four hours a day costs CAN$ 730.00 (Canadian Dollars). In addition, the school offers programs HomeStay has a single room and two meals a day. The value varies in relation to the individual being or not, and the school’s distance. In general, the amount paid includes: water, electricity, internet, gas and heating.


  • The single room with shared bathroom: CAN$ 550.00 (4 weeks)
  • Family house with 2 meals per day: CAN$ 1,000.00 (4 weeks)
  • Terrestrial Airport Transfer: CAN$ 120.00
  • Support documentation: CAN$ 150.00
  • Local support for the studies: CAN$ 120.00 (4 weeks)

Contact for more information and seating options!